Jason Momoa Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Jason Momoa has been entered entertainment industry since long ago. He began her career as a model in 1998 and he won Hawaii model of the year in 1999. Then he offered for acting in the television series Baywatch Hawaii, until now, he has been acted for more than 20 movies and television series.
For those of you who curious about Jason Momoa ethnicity, this discussion will getting down to it.

Based on the trusted source, Jason Momoa ethnicity is Native Hawaiian and Native American. His father Joseph Momoa is considered for having Native Hawaiian ancestry. Jason paternal grandfather Louis Kuulei Momoa, Jr who was also known for having Hawaiian descent. Most of Jason’s father families are lived in Hawaii. And as for you information, Jason Momoa self was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. How about his mom?

Jason Momoa’s mother Coni Lemke is known for having Native American and a bit of Germany – Irish descent. Jason maternal grandfather was born and raised in Germany. Some people claimed that Jason Momoa has a bit of Caucasian ancestry. What do you think guys?

Name: Jason Momoa

Ethnicity: Native Hawaiian, American – Germany

Nationality: American