James Franco Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

As everybody knows, James Franco is one of the best American actors. His great acting can be seen at several movies like 127 hours, James Dean, Eat Pray Love, The Disaster Artist. We must agree that he is very handsome, many women fall in love with him. As for your information, James Franco who was born in California on April 19, 1978 has Jewish descent. Let’s we discuss his family roots more detail

Was born as James Edward Franco, his late father Douglas Eugene Franco was known for having Portuguese descent. Based on the trusted source, James’ father was born in Madeira Island and all of his family lived in the island. Some sources also said that James Franco’s father has a bit of Swedish descent. How about his mom? James Franco’s mother Besty Freney is considered for having Jewish ancestry of Russian Jewish, Germany Jewish and Lithuanian Jewish. Some people claimed that James Franco has Mediterranean and Italian ancestry. What do you think guys?

Name: James Franco

Ethnicity: White, Portuguese, Russian Jewish

Nationality: American