Jeff Goldblum Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The veteran American actor Jeff Goldblum popularity risen to around the world after he stared the Jurassic Park Trilogy. As for your information, Jeff Goldblum was born in Pennsylvania on October 22, 1952. He began his career since the late 70s, he has been stared so many big hits movies including Independence Day, Jurassic Park Trilogy, Mortdecai, Thor: Ragnarok and many more.

Jeff Goldblum is considered for having Jewish ancestry. His father Harold L. Goldblum was known for having Jew descent from Russian and Belarus. His paternal grandparents Josef Povartzik and Lillie M. Leventon were Jewish immigrant from Russian and Belarus.

How about his mother? Jeff Goldblum mom’s Shirley Jane Temeles also known for having Jewish ancestry of Austrian. His grandparents Samuel Louis Temeles and Ann G. Katz was born Ukraine in Austrian to Jewish parents. Some people also claimed that Jeff Goldblum has Sephardic Jewish.

Name: Jeff Goldblum

Ethnicity: Russian Jew, Austrian Jewish

Nationality: American