Robert Downey Jr Ethnicity, Race and Parents

Everybody must agree that Robert Downey Jr is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He began his career since long time ago, his first appearance was in 1970 on his father film. His popularity known widely after he stared the big hits movies Iron Man Trilogy. As everybody knows, the movies were very huge popular, people around the world watch it. No wonder if the movies gross more than $500 millions worldwide.

The other famous movies that stared by Robert Downey Jr are The Avengers, Captain America, Tropic Thunder and many more. As for your information, Robert Downey Jr was born in New York on April 4, 1965. He was born and raised in Jewish family and considered for having Jewish descent.

His father Robert Downey Sr is known for having Lithuanian Jew, Hungarian Jew and Irish descent. Robert Downey paternal great grandparents Yosef Elias and Gussie Goldberg were Jew immigrant from Lithuania.

How about his mom? Robert Downey’s mother Elsie Ann Ford is considered for having British and Germany ancestry. His maternal grandfather John Webster Ford was English and Scottish descent. And his maternal grandmother Faye Marguerite Schoch was born and had Germany descent.

Name: Robert Downey Jr

Ethnicity: Lithuanian Jewish – Hungarian Jewish, English – Germany

Nationality: American