Jennifer Beals Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The biracial American actress Jennifer Beals makes people amazed by her youthful appearance. As for your information, she is currently 54 years old but her appearance looks 10 years younger than her real age. Jennifer Beals was born in Chicago on December 19, 1963. Jennifer Beals began her career in 80s by appearing in minor roles on several movies. Then, her popularity risen drastically when she portrayed Alex Own on Flashdance in 1983. Now, she has stared so many big movies including The Book of Eli, Queen to Play, Manhattan Night, Full Out and many others.

Everybody must agree that she is very beautiful. Based on our research, Jennifer Beals is half white and half black. Her black ethnic background comes from her father side Alfred Leroy Beals who was known for having African – American descent. At an interview, Jennifer Beals said that she was bullied when she was child as a biracial girl.

Her face features and her skin shows us that she has European ancestry. Some sources stated that Jennifer Beals has some Italian descent.  How about her mother? Jennifer Beals’ mom Jeanne Anderson is considered for having Irish – American ancestry. What do you think guys? Does she looks beautiful?

Name: Jennifer Beals

Ethnicity: African – American, Irish

Nationality: American

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