Jennifer Lopez Religion and Political Views

Jennifer Lopez is an American fashion designer, dancer, actress, and singer that was born and raised in New York, United States. This article will talk about Jennifer Lopez religion and political views. Despite being popular with her random nip-slips and an assertive booty, she can be considered pretty active in both religion and politics. She was raised as a Roman Catholic and used to attend Catholic Schools. She was also reported to follow a combination of West African religion and Catholicism called Santaria.

However, the recent report says she is a Scientologist, following her father. As for her political views. Lopez has been showing a great political awareness over the time. She even cancelled one of her show in 2010 in Cyprus due to political reasons. She is also an obvious Democrat, which was proven when she watched Super Bowl with Obama in 2011.

Several proofs about Jennifer Lopez religion and political views are mentioned that according to Lopez’s spokesperson in 2010, she would never consciously support anyone, regardless of regime, institution, or country, which had an association with the abuse of human rights. New York Times mentioned how Lopez talks about being a nice person is the most important thing in the world.