Jessica Biel Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Jessica Biel noticed by public after she portrayed Mary Camden on popular drama series 7th Heaven. Then, people often saw her on many movies in series including The Illusionist, , Blade: Trinity, The Sinner and many more. Everybody must agree that she is very beautiful woman. Jessica Biel was born 35 years ago in Minnesota, United States. As you can see at her facial features, her eyes and her skin, we can say that she is having European descent. So, for those of you who are curious about Jessica Biel ethnicity background, let’s find out together.

Jessica Biel father’s Jonathan Biel is considered for having Jewish ancestry. Her paternal great grandparents Edward Lincoln Biel and Carrie Rasmussen were Jewish immigrant from Hungary. Some sources also stated that Jessica Biel has some of Danish descent from her paternal great-great grandfather Mikael Frederik Rasmussen.

How about her mother? Jessica Biel’s mom Kimberly Conroe is considered for having European ancestry of English, Swiss, Germany, Irish and French. Recently, Jessica Biel took a DNA test, and the result is surprising public. Based on the test result, she is 30% British, 25% Europa West, 16% Italy/Greece, 12% Scandinavia, 8% European Jewish, 2% Ireland and the rest belong to African.

Name: Jessica Biel

Ethnicity: Hungarian Jewish – Danish, British – French – Germany

Nationality: American

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