Rowan Blanchard Ethnicity, Parents, Race and Nationality

It is easy to know where is Rowan Blanchard come from. Based on her appearance especially her skin and feature face, we can say that she has Middle Eastern descent. As for your information, Rowan Blanchard is young and beautiful talented actress. She was born and raised in Los Angeles on October 14, 2001. She started her carer when she was child by appeared on “The Back Up Plan”. Then, she known widely after she portrayed Rilley Matthews on the television series Girls Meets World.

As above explanation, Rowan Blanchard has Middle East descent. Her father Mark Blanchard is known for having Middle Eastern ancestry of Armenian, Moroccan and Syrian descent. Based on the trusted sources, Rowan’s grandfather Edmond Joseph Boulbol was immigrant from Armenia to Unites States. And her great grandfather Joseph was known for born in Syria. At an occasion, Rowan Blanchard said on her social media that her great grandmother came to America after being chased out during the Ottoman Empire.

How about her mom? Rowan Blanchard’s mother¬†Elizabeth Blanchard is considered for having European ancestry of Swedish, English and Danish descent. Some people also claimed that Rowan Blanchard has Norwegian descent from her great grandmother side Anna Helen Bryde.

Name: Rowan Blanchard

Ethnicity: Armenian – Syrian, English – Scandinavian

Nationality: American

Parents: Mark Blanchard and Elizabeth Blanchard