Jessica Parker Kennedy Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The star of television series The Secret Circle Jessica Parker Kennedy makes many people curious about her ethnicity background. By seeing her appearances, we can say that she is biracial, a half white and half black. Many people said that she looks Latina? Does it true? As for your information, Jessica Parker Kennedy was born Alberta, Canada on October 3, 1984. You may see her acting on several series including Smallville, Valemont, The Secret Circle and many more.

Back to her ethnicity background, her light skinned skin comes show us that she has African descent. Based on the trusted sources, Jessica Parker Kennedy has of black African – Canadian descent and Italian descent. Recently, she said on her social media that she has some of Russian ancestry. Some people claimed that she has a bit of Asian descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Jessica Parker Kennedy

Ethnicity: African – Canadian, Italian, Russian

Nationality: Canadian