Jon Bernthal Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

As just for your information, Jon Bernthal is one of the most Jewish actors in Hollywood. Both of his parents has strong blood of Jew ancestry. Jon Bernthal was born in Wahsington D.C on September 20, 1976. He began his acting career in 2002 and rose to prominence after he portrayed Shane Walsh on the series The Walking Dead. You may also his acting on several movies and series including The Wolf of Wall Street, The Class, The Punisher and many others.

Based on above explanation, he is very Jewish actor. His parents are considered for having strong blood of Jewish ancestry. His father Eric Lawrence Bernthal is known for having Polish and Russian descent. His paternal grandmother Rose Wartsky was born to parents from Poland and Russian. Jon Bernthal is also considered for having Germany and Lithuanian Jewish descent from his mother side Joan Lurie Marx. His maternal grandfather Hendrik Otto Marx was from Munich and had of Germany Jewish descent. And his maternal grandmother Mildred Geraldine Lurie was from Lithuania. And it seems that the Judaism lesson is also practiced by him. What do you think guys?

Name: Jon Bernthal

Religion: Judaism

Ethnicity: Polish – Russian Jewish, Lithuanian – Germany Jewish

Nationality: American