Kanye West Religion and Political Views

Everybody must be agree that Kanye West faith is very controversial, he often makes controversial statement and songs about Jesus Christ. Everybody knows that he has produces so many great songs, and the songs always reached top billboard music America. There are 21 millions album he had sold so far, no wonder he had won several Grammy awards. It is appropriate if we give the title of Kanye West as one of the most influence musicians in the world especially in rapper music.

If we are talking about his religion, he stated that he is Christian. He always opened and talk to media that he is Christian and love Jesus Christ. But in some occasion, he said that there are no religions that must be believed. He also make a controversial statement about Jesus, he said did not want to like Jesus, he want to be himself. In an interviews, he also said that he love Jesus Christ as an icon and he does not need to responsibility his life for Jesus. For him, religion is just what he did religiously when he wake up in the morning. So, what do you think about Kanye West religion? His statements are very controversial. Besides, he released several albums and songs that contain disrespectful words to Jesus Christ.

How Kanye West about political views, he said clearly that he want to choose a leader or president which support black American people. But, he does not really like Barrack Obama even though Obama is come from black ethnic. Of course Kanye West does not like very much Donald Trump, he said that the current president is very discriminative to black race. In addition, there are small groups, claimed that they are fans of Kanye West state that they made a new religion named Yeezianity and believe that Kanye West as a Jesus, it is very silly.

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