Kat Von D Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The famous tattoo artist Kat Von D makes many people curious about her ethnicity background. As for your information, Kat Von D was born as Katherine Beth Drachenberg in Mexico on March 8, 1982. Many people claimed that she has Mexican ancestry, but as you can see at her appearance she does not looks like Latina woman. So, what is Kat Von D ethnicity background? Let’s we discuss it more detail.

Kat Von D considered for having European ancestry of Italian, Spanish and Germany descent. Her parents Rene Drachenberg and Silvia Galeano are European heritage who were lived in Argentina and emigrated to Mexico. Kat Von D grandmother Clara von Drachenberg was born in Germany and has been lived in the country for many generations.

Name: Kat Von D

Ethnicity: Germany, Italian, Spanish

Nationality: American