Hannah Davis Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

One of the most beautiful American models Hannah Davis makes people curious about her ethnicity background. As everybody knows, her last name Davis was changed to Jeter due to her marriage with Derek Jeter. As for your information, Hannah Davis was born in Virgin islands on May 5, 1990. Everybody must agree that she is very beautiful, her blue eyes are very exotic. No wonder if many of her fans are curious about her family ethnicity.

Hannah Davis is considered for having several races of British, Germany and Jewish. Her father Conn Jay Davis is known for having Germany ancestry. Hannah’s paternal grandparents Herbert Jay Davis and Elise Pauline Nesselhauf were having Germany descent, their parents were born and raised in Germany.

How about Hannah Davis mother? Her mom’s Deborah Davis is considered for having Jewish descent of Russian Jewish and Irish. The Russian Jewish came from Hannah great grandfather August Behm who emigrated to Germany. Then, the Irish descent came from Hannah great – great maternal grandparents William James Tyler and Sarah E. McKinley who was born in Ireland. Some people also claimed that she has some of Scottish and English descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Hannah Davis

Ethnicity: Germany – Russian Jew, Irish – English – Scottish

Nationality: American