Kendrick Lamar Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Recently, the rapper Kendrick Lamar claimed himself as devout Christian. At an interview, he said that he converted his religion to Christian after his best friend death. As for your information, he was born as Kendrick Lamar Duckworth in Compton, California on June 17, 1987. He released his major label album Good Kid in 2011. The album was successful and it topped at number two of Billboard 200 chart. Then, he released his next album To Pimp a Butterfly in 2015 and Damn in 2017.

By seeing his appearances, we can say that he is biracial. Both of his parents Kenny Duckworth and Paula Oliver are known for having African – American descent. Some people also claimed that he is a part of Igbo ancestry from Nigeria. Back to his religious views, he used to be an agnostic but recently he said that he was converting his religion to Christian. At an occasion, he ever said that his successful career is because of the help of God. He also described his Christian faith on his albums. What do you think guys?

Name: Kendrick Lamar

Religion: devout Christian

Ethnicity: African – American, Nigerian

Nationality: American