Klay Thompson Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must be agree that Klay Thompson is one of the best NBA players ever. But, many people curious about his appearance, his black or white still debatable for some people. There are people who claimed that he is white and there are other people who claimed that Klay Thompson is black. Actually, it does not matter what he is, we must be acknowledge him as human being who have talented in Basket Ball. But, this discussion will discuss about his ethnicity and his roots more detail.

Klay Thompson ethnicity is Bahamian – English descent, his father Mychal Thompson used to be a professional basket ball player and he was born in Nassau, Bahamas, a part of Caribbean Sea. As everybody knows, most people in Caribbean Seas tend to have black skin because many people there are having African ancestry. Klay Thompson’s mother Julie Leslie was a volley ball player; she is white and having English – Scottish descent.

Name: Klay Thompson

Ethnicity: White, Bahamian – English

Nationality: American