Lester Holt Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must agree that Lester Holt is one of the best biracial journalists in America. Lester Holt began his career as a journalist since 1981 but his name became known widely after he became an anchor for NBC Nitghly News since 2007. As for your information, Lester Holt was born in California on March 8, 1959. And as above explanation, he is biracial ethnic.

Lester Holt considered for having several mixed of races. His father Lester Don Holt, Sr is considered for having African – American descent. How about his mother? Lester Holt’s mom June Marie DeRozario is known for having Jamaican, English and Indian descent. The Jamaican ancestry came from his maternal grandmother side Iris May Wilson. And his English – Indian descent came from his maternal grandfather side Canute Fitzherbert DeRozario.

Name: Lester Holt

Ethnicity: African – American, Jamaican – English – Indian

Nationality: American