Liev Schreiber Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

The religion of American actor Liev Schreiber is very complex. Liev Schreiber was born in California on October 4, 1967. He was born to Tell Carroll Schreiber and Heather Milgram. His father is Protestant and considered for having European descent of Danish, Germany, Dutch, France. And his mother is Polish and Russian Jew descent.

After his parents divorced, Liev Schreiber raised by his mom and he was raised as a Jew. At an interview, he said that he was so proud with his mother who raised him and he think that his mother choices were inspired. It seems that Liev Schreiber faith still Judaism until now, but there was a rumor told that he converted his religion to Hindu. What do you think guys?

Name: Liev Schreiber

Religion: Judaism

Ethnicity: Russian -Polish Jewish, European

Nationality: American