Mark Salling Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Mark Salling rose to prominence after he became the cast member of famous musical television series Glee. As for your information, Mark Salling was born in Texas on August 17, 1982. His talented in music was seen by his parents since he was child. No wonder if he also known not only as an actor but also as a musician. His debuted album released in 2008 entitled Smoke Signals.

He also known for creating several songs on Glee series. Mark Salling was raised as a Christian. His parents entered him to Providence Christian School when he was at elementary school. And it seems that he believe on Christian as his faith until now.

Mark Salling is considered for having several ethnicity from Europe countries. He has Germany and English ancestry from his father side John Salling. And his paternal grandparents were John Robert Salling and Mildred Aline Archer. How about his mother side? Mark’s mom is known for having Irish and Scottish descent. His maternal grandmother were Wayne Stanton Wherry and Cleo Bess Donelson. Some people also claimed that he has some of Danish descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Mark Salling

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Germany – English – Danish, Irish – Scottish

Nationality: American