Morgan Freeman Religion and Political Views

Morgan Freeman is an American actor that was born in Tennessee. This article will talk about Morgan Freeman religion and political views. He has a high interest in epistemology. He never stated that he is an atheist but he had stated that he is not a “man of God”. For political views, Freeman has shown support to Obama and thus, and obvious Democrat party.

The proofs about Morgan Freeman religion and political views can be read on several of his statements. In his interview with CNN, Morgan Freeman stated that he is not a ‘man of God’, but a man of faith instead. He also mentioned how ‘man of God’ and ‘man of faith’ is different. He stated that human have theories and unless those theories are dis-proven, human shall believe it is true.

In The Wrap, Freeman also mentioned that certain things, such as evil and good, are meant to exist together. Without each other, they will not exist. In New York Daily News, it was stated that Freeman considered the Tea Party that supports the Republican is racist because they make sure Obama only serves the country for one term through their policy, which is considered as a questionable mentality.

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