Nick Jonas Religion and Political Views

Nick Jonas is one of celebrities who concerned about religion or faith. He always maintain his relationship between him and God, and he also proud with his faith. Nick Jonas always said that he is proud being Christian. Not only in statement, he also shows it by his behavior as Christian. As for your information, Nick Jonas was born September 16, 1992. He is popular with his band Jonas Brother which formed in 2005 with his brothers, Paul and Joseph Jonas.

Being a true Christian is not easy, the meaning from the word “true” is always following the order of God. This thing is tried by Nick Jonas, he always try to be a good Christian. Several proofs that he is a good Christian are he always try to go to Church for praying, he also against with sex before marriage and many more. Nick Jonas also hate about terrorism. He ever said on his social media that Terrorism has no religion. As for addition information, he has tattoo on his hand  lettered G which means God and of course it is very good tattoo.

For his political views, he never said about politics, but he and the Jonas Brother always support Barack Obama policies, it means that he support Democrats

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