Pia Mia Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The name of Pia Mia gained widespread recognition after her videos singing cover went viral on social media Youtube in 2013. And the she noticed by famous record producer Abou Thiam and working with him until now as a professional singer. As for your information, Pia Mia was born in Guam on September 19, 1996. Everybody must agree that she is very talented singer. And of course she still very young. Her debut studio album in 2015, several songs of the album like Do it Again, Touch were successful entered at several charts in USA and UK.

Her appearance changes also became a subject discussion by many people. It seems that she has surgery procedures on her nose. And, people also curious about Pia Mia ethnicity background. Based on the trusted sources, Pia Mia has Chamorro, Dutch and Hungarian descent from her father side Peter Perez Jr. Her paternal grandfather David Terlaje was from Pasific Islander.

Pia Mia also considered for having Italian descent from her mother side Angela Terlaje.Her maternal great grandparents Santi Stefani and Esther De Lazzer were from Piandelagotti, Italy. Some people also claimed that Pia Mia has Native American descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Pia Mia Perez

Ethnicity: Chamorro – Dutch – Hungarian, Italian

Nationality: Guamanian