Sabrina Bryan Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Based on the trusted source, the actress and singer Sabrina Bryan is considered for having Caucasian ancestry. Does it true? Let’s we find out her roots together. The name of Sabrina Bryan rise to prominence after she became member girl group of The Cheetah Girls along with Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams. The group was very successful, then the Disney Channel made franchise movies related to the Cheetah Girls. Sabrina Bryan also known as great actress, she has stared several movies including Byou, Mostly Ghostly, The Next Dance and many more.

As for your information, Sabrina Bryan was born in California on September 16, 1984. As above statement, she was considered for having Caucasian descent. It seems that statement is true, her Caucasian ancestry comes from both of her parents. Her father Alfred is considered for having Spanish – Mexican descent. Sabrina’s paternal great grandparents Alfonso Hinojos Rascon and Angelita Hernandez Villescas were from Spain.

How about her mom? Sabrina’s mother Kathy is considered for having Germany and Native American descent. What do you think guys? Please share your opinion by leaving comment below.

Name: Sabrina Bryan

Ethnicity: Spanish – Mexican, Germany – Native American

Nationality: American