Sami Zayn Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Not many people know about the real name of Sami Zayn. As everybody knows, he is one of the best wrestlers on earth. He was born as Rami Sebei in Quebec, Canada on July 12, 1984. Based on his appearances, we can say that he is a part of Middle Eastern descent. His name also a Muslim common name. So, what is Sami Zaynle true religion? Let’s we find out it together. Sami Zaynle began his professional wrestler career in 2002 by joined IWS under the stage name El Generico and he successful to defeated Kevin Steen. During his career, Sami Zaynle has achieve so many achievements including one NXT Championship, one Slammy Awards, two PWG World Championship and many more.

Back to his religion, as above explanation, he is a part of Middle Eastern descent. Based on our research, his parents are Syrian descent, most of Syrian are Muslim and he was raised by Muslim family. At an interview, Sami Zaynle said that he speak Arabic fluently. He also started to crowdfund for war victims in Syria. His crowdfunding name is Sami for Syria and it has reached more than $70.000 until now.

Name: Sami Zaynle

Religion: Islam

Ethnicity: Syrian – Canadian

Nationality: Canadian