Sasha Banks Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must agree that Sasha Banks is one of the best woman wrestlers in United States of America for now. Sasha Banks was born in Fairfield, California on January 26, 1992 as Mercedes Keastner Varnado. She is 25 years old now, but she has achieve so many awards includes NXT Year End Award, NXT women championship and many more. As one of the best woman wrestlers, she has so many fans. No wonder if her personal life always being discussion for many people. Nowadays, many people talking about Sasha Banks ethnicity, they were curious about her family background, let’s we talk it too.

Sasha Banks is considered for having Germany descent from her father. As for your information, Keastner is Germany name. How about her mother? Sasha Banks’ mother Judith Varnado is African – American descent. Her mom also considered for having Hispanic descent. At an interview, Sasha Banks claimed herself as black and Germany descent. On another source, many people believe that Sasha Banks has Caucasian descent.  In addition, she is the cousin of Snoop Dogg. What do you think guys?

Name: Mercedes Varnando known as Sasha Banks

Ethnicity: Black, African, Germany, Hispanic, Caucasian

Nationality: American