Shakira Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Many people admits that the Latina singer Shakira is very beautiful woman.
Her ethnicity is very complex, no wonder if public curious about it. Many people also curious about her religious views, let’s find it here. As for your information, Shakira was born in Atlantico, Columbia on February 2, 1977. She is one of the most successful Latina singers for selling more than 130 millions albums and single worldwide. She started her career in 1995, during her career until now, she has achieve so many achievements such as two Grammy Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, thirteen Latin Grammy Awards and many other.

Back to her ethnicity background. She is a part of Middle Eastern and Latin descent. Based on the trusted sources, her name is Arabian name which means thankful. Her facial features also show us that she has Middle Eastern descent. And that’s true, her Middle Eastern ancestry come from her father side William Alberto Mebarak Chadid who has Lebanese descent.
Her paternal grandparents Alberto Mebarak Spath and Isabel Chadid Baizer were Lebanese immigrant from Beirut.

How about her mother? Shakira’s mom Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado is considered for having Colombian descent. Some sources also stated that she is having some of Italian descent from her maternal grandmother side. Some people also claimed that Shakira has some of Spanish descent. What do you think guys?

Shakira Religious Views

Some people considered that Shakira is a Muslim since her name is common Muslim name but it’s not confirmed. Based on the trusted sources, Shakira was raised as Catholic. And she attended Catholic school when she was child.

Name: Shakira

Religion: Catholic

Ethnicity: Lebanese, Colombian – Spanish – Italian

Nationality: Spanish, Colombian