Stephen Colbert Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

As everybody knows, the American television host and comedian Stephen Colbert is a religious person. As just for your information, Stephen Colbert was born Washington D.C on May 13, 1964. He is known for being a host the Colbert Report since 2005. Then, now he is being a host of CBS program The Late Show of Stephen Colbert.

As above explanation, he is a religious person. He was raised Catholic and still embracing and practicing it. Both of his parents are devout Catholic. At an interview, he and his family often attended Church. He also said that he used to teach Sunday school at the Church.

Stephen Colbert is considered for having Irish descent. Both of his parents Lorna Elizabeth Tuck and James William Colbert, Jr are known for having Irish descent and having small amount of English descent. His grandparents were from Belfast, Ireland. How about his political views? We can say that he is half Democrat and half Republican. He ever said that he is supporter of Obama and Hillary Clinton but he also does not have problem with Republican.

Name: Stephen Colbert

Religion: devout Catholic

Ethnicity: Irish, small amount of English

Political Views: half Republican, half Democrat