Tarek El Moussa Religion and His Beliefs

The name of Tarek El Moussa is not strange anymore in American television industry especially for HGTV audiences. His name rose to prominence after he became host of HGTV popular show Flip or Flop, he and his former wife Christina El Moussa hosted the show since 2013.

As for your information, Tarek El Moussa was born in California on August 21, 1981 to American mother and Middle Eastern father. Many people claimed that his father was from Morocco, some people also said that his father was from Egypt. But, the fact is that Tarek El Moussa name is common Muslim name. And based on our research, he has Egyptian descent, no wonder if many people claimed that Tarek El Moussa religion is Islam.

Does it true that Tarek El Moussa is a Muslim?

There is no much information about his truth belief, people considered him as a Muslim because of his name and his father background. Some people also said that Tarek embraced Jewish belief. It makes more confused to his fans. He never got down the case and talk to public about his faith. What do you think guys? Please share your information about Tarel El Moussa religion by leaving comment below.

Name: Tarek El Moussa

Religion : Islam

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