Troian Bellisario Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

The popular TV series Pretty Little Liars produce many common stars to be famous stars. One of the stars of the series is Troian Bellisario. Everybody must agree that her name became famous after she portrayed Spancer Hasting on the series. As for your information, Troian Bellisario was born in Los Angeles on October 28, 1985. Actually, she started her carer since she was child. She appeared in the Last Rites films in 1990. She was five years old and her carer continued to rage until now. Recently, many of people are curious about Troian Bellisario ethnicity background, Does she black or white?

We can say that she is a half black and half white. Her mother Deborah Pratt is known for having African – American ancestry. Some sources also stated that her mother also has Creole descent. Her maternal grandparents Geraldine Bryant and Bertram Roberson Pratt were black ethnic. How about her father? Troian Bellisario’s father Donald P. Bellisario is considered for having Italian and Serbian ancestry. Her paternal grandmother Dana Lapcevic was born in Serbia.

Name: Troian Bellisario

Ethnicity: African – American, Italian – Serbian

Nationality: American

Parents: Donald P. Bellisario and Deborah Pratt

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