Zach Galifianakis Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

ZACH has the full name Zachary Knight Galifianakis. The man known as a stand-up comic and Hollywood film actor was born in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, October 1, 1969, to Mary Frances, art community manager and Harry Galifianakis, an oil entrepreneur. Zach grew up in a Greek family. He was baptized in a Greek Orthodox church. The fat guy who has this distinctive symbol does not complete his Communication study at North Carolina State University.


Zack’s career soared from his role in THE HANGOVER even though since 1996, this fat man has been pursuing a career in television. Early in his career, Zack playing in a BOSTON COMMON sitcom. Starting from the event, slowly Zack began appearing on the popular Saturday Night Live program and was a guest star in many television programs. A special television program for COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENT , he got it in 2001.

Another special program he starred in was a talk show on the VH1 LATE SHOW WITH ZACH channel. In this event, he included many friends and colleagues from the LA COMEDY and MUSIC VENUE LARGO shows to appear in it. At that time, Zack joined the two events. In 2008, Zack appeared to interview Jackass members in JACKASSWORLD.COM: 24 HOUR TAKEOVER.

VISIONEERS independent film (2008) became its debut in a long film. The first film was directly produced in DVD format. One of the highlights of Kerya’s work is a video series on the FUNNY OR DIE website that includes Hollywood famous names like Michael Cera , Natalie Portman , Charlize Theron , Bradley Cooper , Ben Stiller, Steve Carell , Sean Penn , Bruce Willis , Jennifer Aniston and Will Ferrell . In these videos, Zack is not are asking inappropriate questions.

His role as Alan in THE HANGOVER made him widely known by the public and won awards from the MTV Movie Award for the Best Comedic Performance. After the HANGOVER, Zack appeared to support several hit films such as G-FORCE, YOUTH IN REVOLT, and UP IN THE AIR. Now Zack is a regular supporting actor in the HBO series, BORED TO DEATH.

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