Zach King Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Recently, the young and talented American film maker Zach King grabbed public attention. He began his career in 2008 by uploading his videos work in 2008, he uploaded it to Youtube. No wonder, many people claimed him as a Youtube personality. Then, in 2013, Zack King started uploading his video works to Vine. Most of Zack King’s videos are about tutorial in editing software. For his works, he had got several awards includes Vine of The Year, Youtube Nextup Creator Contest, Vidcon Golden Poop Award and many more.

As you can see now, Zach King’s has many fans from around the world. Many of his fans loved both his creativity and his handsomeness. By his appearance, we can say that he has Asian descent. Zach King looks like having Thai face. Does his parents Asian? As for your information, Zach King was born in Oregan, United States on February 04, 1997. His parents are mixed race. Zach King’s father is Chinese – American and his mother considered for having Austrian and Nicaraguan descent.

Name: Zach King

Ethnicity: White, Chinese – American, Austrian

Nationality: American

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