Catherine Zeta-Jones Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The appearances of beautiful British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones always waited by many people. Everybody must agree that she is very beautiful and often listed as one of the most beautiful women in Britain and United States.
She is currently 48 years old, it is not young age but her appearance looks younger than her real age.

Many of people are curious about Catherine Zeta-Jones ethnicity background. As for your information, Catherine Zeta-Jones was born in Swansea, Wales on 25 September 1969. She began her career in early 1990s but her popularity known widely after she starred “The Mask of Zorro”.  The movies was huge popular, no wonder if many people around the world know Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Based on the trusted sources, Catherine Zeta-Jones ethnicity is 100% British ancestry. Her father David Jones is known for Having Welsh descent. Her grandparents Bertram Jones and Zeta Davies were born in Wales in had been lived in the country for many generations.

How about her mother? Catherine’s mom Patricia Fair also known for having British ancestry. Her maternal grandparents William Edgar Fair and Catherine O’Callaghan were Irish descent. Some people also claimed that Catherine Zeta-Jones has some of Romanian and African descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Ethnicity: Welsh, Irish

Nationality: British