Imaan Hammam Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know about Imaan Hammam, but in Netherlands, she is very famous model in the country. Her international fame noticed by public was when she became the cover of Vogue for several countries including America, Italy and France. She also often appeared on many other famous magazines such as Love, Numero, i-D and many more. No wonder, if she ever won for the Model of the Year Competition.

At an interview, she claimed herself as a black ethnic woman. As for your information, Imaan Hammam was born in Amsterdam on October 5, 1996. Her light skinned shows us that she is a part of black ethnicity. His black ethnic is not come from African countries but from Middle Eastern countries.

His father is considered for having Egyptian descent. And Imaan Hammam’s mother is known for having Moroccan ancestry. Based on the study, many of Moroccans have African ancestry. It seems that Imaan Hammam’s grandparents were African. What do you think guys?

Name: Imaan Hammam

Ethnicity: Black, Moroccan, Egyptian

Nationality: Dutch