Jerry Seinfeld Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

It seems that the Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has been lived in Jewish environment since he was child. Both of his parents considered for having strong Jewish heritage. And it is no wonder if he chooses Judaism as his faith.

As for your information, Jerry Seinfeld was born in New York City on April 29, 1954. He began his career since he was 22 years old as stand up comedian. Then, his name gained widespread recognition after he became a regular cast member on the sitcom Seinfeld. Everybody must agree that he is very talented comedian. And no wonder if he listed as one of the greatest stand up comedians all of time.

Back to his religious view, Jerry Seinfeld was raised by Jewish parents. Jerry Seinfeld has strong of blood Jew ancestry. His father Kalman Seinfeld was Hungarian Jewish descent. And his mother Betty Hesney was Syrian Jewish descent.

Name: Jerry Seinfeld

Religion: Judaism

Ethnicity: Hungarian Jew, Syrian Jew

Nationality: American