Jesse Watters Religion, Ethnicity and Political Views

For those of you who want to know about Jesse Watters religion, let’s find out here. As for your information, Jesse Watters was born in Pennsylvania on July 9, 1978. He is known for being a host and commentator of political issue in America. You may often see him on Fox talk show O’Reilly Factor and recently he has his own show named The Five.

There is no much information regarding his current faith. But based on our research, he was raised by Christian parents Anne Bailey and Stephen Watters and it seems that he still believe on Christian as his faith. His parents has some of Irish, English and Welsh descent. How about Jesse Watters political views? He is Republican Party members and he also supported Donald Trump in President Election in 2016.

Name: Jesse Watters

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Irish, English, Welsh

Political Views: Republic Party