Joanna Gaines Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must be agree that many people loves Joanna Gaines. Her appearance on the television show Fixer Upper is very attractive. Many people claimed her as one of the best designers in this era. She is very beautiful, everybody must be admitting it. Her beautiful Asian face makes many women admire to her. She is 39 years old, but we can say that she looks younger than her real age, do you agree? Joanna Gaines was born in Kansas, United States on April 19, 1978. She is famous for her activity as a host Fixer Upper in HGTV. With her husband Chip, they managed company named Magnolia Market, it is company that provided various designs solution for better living place. Her popularity is more rising after she wrote several books includes the Magnolia Story and Magnolia Table. Then now, her activities are always followed by her fanatic fans. Are you one of Joanna Gaines fans?

Talking about Joanna Gaines families, she and her husband Chip are very happy family. It proven by having four children Emmie Kay Gaines, Duke Gaines, Drake Gaines and Ella Rose Gaines. Both of them Chip and Joanna are very passionate with design, especially for designing home. And they have did it for more than 13 years. Many of Joanna Gaines fans are very curious about her ethnicity. So, let’s we talk about Joanna Gaines ethnicity and her family background in this discussion.

At some interviews, Joanna Gaines said that she is not Native American; her father is half Lebanese/Germany and her mother is 100% Korean. No wonder, Joanna Gaines has exotic skin and face. And her Asian face was come from her mother Nan Stevens who was born and raised in South Korea. How about her father? Joanna Gaines’ father Jerry Stevens is Lebanese – Germany descent. And they met in Korea when Joanna Gaines’s father was stationed in the country for the Vietnam War. Joanna Gaines always said on her social media that she really admired her mother beauty, and she always proud for having Korean descent. What do you think guys? Does Joanna Gaines ethnicity story interesting? Please share your opinion by leaving comment below.

Name: Joanna Gaines

Ethnicity: White, Korean, Lebanese – Germany

Nationality: American