Kevin Gates Religion and His Controversial Beliefs

It seems that the life of Kevin Gates are full by controversies rather than his music works. As for your information, during his career since 2007, he has only one studio albums. His only studio album is Islah which released in 2016. But, his controversial statements and behavior are very much. Recently, He and his wife Dreka Haynes decided to embrace Islam as their faith. It is very a good news, hopefully after he has Islam in his heart, his life will be better than before.

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Recently, Kevin Gates and his wife did acted one of parts in Islam. He and his wife did Hajj to Mecca in 2016. As everybody knows, Hajj is one of the duties of capable Muslim. He did a good job, but he stated some controversial statements.

Not long ago, he talked about why he embraced Islam. He said that he does not know anything about Muslim but he insist that there was no decision, but more so a way of life. He also said that he did not like to get a Vibe when he goes to the Church. In addition, Kevin Gates and wife has two children. They named their children with Muslim name Islah and Khaza.

Name: Kevin Gates

Religion: Islam

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