Pam Grier Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The veteran American actress Pam Grier was huge popular in 70s era. She has stared many big movies including Jackie Brown, Foxy Brown, The Big Bird Cage and many other. As for your information, Pam Grier was born in North Carolina on May 26, 1949. She is not young anymore but her works are still watched by many young actresses and actors.

As you can see at his appearance, she has black skin and black ancestry. At an interview, she said that she is proud for being black, she also said that she is mix of several races including Hispanic, Indian and Filipino. The Filipino descent came from his mother side Gwendolyn Sylvia Samuels who has Filipino ancestry. And his father Clarence Ransom Grier is considered for having black ethnic of African – American and Cheyenne Indian.

Name: Pam Grier

Ethnicity: African – American, Filipino, Hispanic

Nationality: American