Shaquille O’Neal Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

The former of American NBA player Shaquille O’Neal religious views is an interesting topic to be discussed. As everybody knows, recently he revealed that he used to convert his religion to Islam. As for your information, Shaquille O’Neal was born in New Jersey on March 6, 1972. He started his professional basket career in 1992.  And during his career, he had joined with several clubs including Orlando Magic for 4 years, Los Angeles Lakers for 8 years, Miami Heat for 4 years, Phonix Suns 1 year, Cleveland Cavaliers 1 year and Boston Celtics for 1 year.

Everybody must agree that he used to be a talened player in NBA. Back to his religious views, Shaquille O’Neal was raised by single devout Christian mother Lucille O’Neal. His mother and his biological father Joe Toney were considered for having African – American descent. And it seems that he converted his religion to Muslim because of his stepfather Phillip A. Harrison who is a Muslim. At an interview, he ever said that he want to go to Mecca and does a Hajj. Now, he has four children, and four of them having Muslim names.

Name: Shaquille O’Neal

Religion: devout Muslim

Ethnicity: African – American

Nationality: American

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