Shia LaBeouf Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

The talented American actor Shia LaBeouf makes many people curious about his ethnicity background and his religious views. Recently, he claimed himself as a Jewish. As for your information, Shia LaBeouf was born in California on June 11, 1986. Many people around the world know him as Sam Witwicky on movies trilogy Transformer. The movie was huge successful in many countries around the world. And it makes Shia LaBeouf always being subjects discussion in many forums and groups in internet.

Back to his religious views, Shia LaBeouf was raised by Jewish and Christian parents. The Jewish root comes from his mother side Shayna Saide who is known for having Polish and Russian Jew ancestry. And the Christian faith comes from his father side Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf. When he was child, Shia LaBeouf often visited Church with his father. But it seems, he is now decide to choose being a Jew and decided to embrace Judaism as his faith. At an interview, Shia LaBeouf had Bar Mitzvah ceremony and had contributed on an essay entitled I Am Jewish.

How about his ethnicity background?

As above explanation, his mother has Russian and Polish Jewish ancestry.
His maternal grandfather Sam Yeshayhu Saide was from Poland. And his maternal grandmother Mary Ann Malki Rosen was from Russia. How about his father side? Based on the trusted sources, his father has French descent.

Name: Shia LaBeouf

Religion: Judaism

Ethnicity: Russian – Polish Jew, French

Nationality: American