Tina Fey Religion, Ethnicity and Political Views

Many of people are curious about Tina Fey religious views and her ethnicity background. Tina Fey popularity rose drastically after she impersonated the Republican politician Sarah Palin. But, people also claimed that she is a great actress and comedian. Many of her movies and series became box offices such as 30 Rock, Mean Girls and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You may also saw her acting at SNL comedy sketch from 1997 to 2006.

As for your information, Unbreakable Tina Fey was born in Pennsylvania on May 18, 1970. She was by Greek Orthodox mother Zenobia Xenakes who was from Pireus, Greece. Tina’s father Donald Henry Fey was considered for having English, Irish, Germany and Russian descent. Recently, Tina Fey took a DNA test, and here is the result. She is 90% European, 3% Caucasian and the other belong to Middle Eastern descent. Tina Fey married to Jeff Richmond in 2001 at Greek Orthodox church.

How about her political views?

Many of her comedy sketch statements related to the latest condition of politic in America. But, it seems she prefer to support Republican Party rather than Democrat. It is because of his father was Republican supporter.

Name: Tina Fey

Religion: Greek Orthodox

Ethnicity: Greek, European – Middle Eastern

Political Views: Republican Party