Trevor Noah Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

The comedian Trevor Noah religion is very complicated, at an interview he said that he confused about his religious views because he was raised as Christian but her mom converted her faith to Judaism. As for your information, Trevor Noah was born in South Africa on February 20, 1984. He is known for being a host The Daily Show, he is also known as a great comedian both in South African and in America.

Back to his religious views, it seems that Trevor Noah still embrace Christian until now. Even though, his mom ever brought him to bar mitzvah party, Trevor seems only believe on Christian. At an occasion, Trevor Noah said that he should celebrate Christmas and Bar Mitzvah every years when he was young. As just for your information, Trevor Noah mom’s used to devout Christian but she converted to Judaism.

How about his ethnicity background?

Trevor Noah described himself as a half black and half white. His mother Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah comes from black ancestry of Xhosa South African descent. And Trevor Noah’s father Robert is white ancestry of Swizz – Germany descent.

Name: Trevor Noah

Religion: devout Christian

Ethnicity: Swiss – Germany, South African

Nationality: American, South African