Troye Sivan Ethnicity, Parents and Nationality

The Australian actor and singer Troye Sivan is huge popular on social media Youtube. Until now, he has more than 4 millions subscribers on his Youtube channel. You may also saw him on famous movie X-Men trilogy, on the movie, he portrayed young James Howlett. Not only acting, Troye Sivan is also known as talented singer. His album Blue Neighborhood was huge hit in Australia, no wonder if he nominated for several awards because of that album.

As for your information, Troye Sivan was born in South Africa on June 5, 1995. Their family emigrated to Australia in 1997. Was born in Africa, it does not means he has African heritage. Based on the trusted sources, Troye Sivan is considered for having Jewish descent. The Jew descent comes from his father side Shaun Mellet who has Lithuanian Jewish descent. His paternal great-great grandparents Isaac Zeligson and Sarah Chaya were from Lithuania. How about his mother? Troye Sivan’s mom Laurelle Mellet is known for having English descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Troye Sivan

Ethnicity: Lithuanian Jewish, English

Nationality: Australian